Our services

Based on our practical experiences, we think that in order
to provide high quality services,
it is necessary to make few steps:

  • entering audit – to find out the actual state of client´s documentation
  • proposal of the adequate solution for securing the perfect care of documents
  • creating a time schedule of implementation steps
  • informing of the local state archive
  • execution of agreed solutions
  • advisory and consultations for clients

Use our packets of services


What do you get through our services?

  • new and safe house for your documents in our specialized central deposit of records,
  • your free premises can be used for the development of your main activity,
  • you save money that would have to be given to the construction of your own deposit of records (racks, cameras, security systems…),
  • you don´t have to buy any software or hardware for your documents administration
  • you save the salary of the potential employees,
  • you save your time (studying legislation and communication with local archives is our work),
  • your management can focus more on its real directional work,
  • we secure fast and flexible access to your documents,
  • we save your room, time and money.