Packets of Services and Bonuses b oWESTTON Image
01 Analysis of the current state of the records management b o
02 Proposal of the best solution b o
03 Drawing the records plan and records order b o  
04 Teaching your employees in by using RP and RO  
05 Training b o    
06 Advisory – Consulting    
07 Proposal of contract and time schedule b o  
08 Sorting, compiling and identifying of records  
09 Drawing of location plan  
10 Storage of records in boxes with barcode  
11 Identification and storage of records with barcode    
12 Transport of records to the central deposit and their unloading
13 Take over reports
14 Electronic database in archiving software  
15 Long-term storage of records in the central deposit b o
16 Proposal of deleting reports
17 Hand – over reports  
18 Handing – over of deleted records with permanent archiving value  
19 Protection of records
20 Representation of client at the state archive b o    
21 Communication with the state archive by the deleting procedure b o  
22 Discreet shredding of documents in harmony with the legislation  
23 Providing of copies and abstracts from the stored records
24 Lending of records; database of the lent documents
25 Outsourcing of the client´s records department    
26 Storage of the electronic archive and data carriers    
27 Scanning and digitalization of records    
28 Client zone at our web site    
29 Access to the records through the shared zone at the web site    
30 Delivery of records
31 Transport of records by our vehicle
32 Retailing of archiving boxes and data carriers b o
33 Personal leasing of records management employees